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geekvape aegis boost

The new Vandy Vapor Group product is the aegis boost. This new vaporizer combines the best of both stainless steel bodies and glass tanks with powerful vapors that are extremely smooth. The tank is built using a durable metal frame, and the internal battery is a tiny leap forward from the standard hobby style tank. The unique feature of the Vandy Vapor Group AEGIS Boost is a battery charger that doubles as a charging unit.

With the standard Vandy AEGIS system you needed to either use a micro-charger or a triple-A battery. The new AEGIS system allows you to use your favorite lithium polymer battery, or a triple A battery. You can even have a lithium ion or two for your power source. With the new dual box mod you also get a nice little power boost from the standard lithium battery, which helps with the battery life.

One of the newest products from Vandy Vapor is the GeekVape AEGIS Boost Kit. The AEGIS Boost Kit comes with a triple-A battery, stainless steel stainless metal body with a black lid, and a gold-tone gate. It has a standard aegis pod system with a copper spring. On the front of the box there is a nice little inset for the power and volume buttons. The inside has a nice little gold tab that releases the battery’s charge when you pull it out.

I must say that this vaporizer really does live up to all the hype. I was really excited when I saw the box, because I had heard great things about them. I especially love the fact that they are compatible with the vaper’s favorite juice, which is their fruit. They are very small and compact so you can easily place them on your key chain, or in your purse.

Now what impressed me the most about the GeekVape AEGIS Boost Kit was the user manual. This vaporizer came with a detailed user manual and detailed instructions on how to assemble the unit. The kit does come with a fully assembled unit, but you can also purchase a tubing to go with it if you do not feel like assembling it yourself. There is also a mini-charging cable, so you do not need to mess with a wall outlet to charge your AEG.

The GeekVape AEGIS Boost Pod System really does set a new standard for what an AEG should be. This AEG delivers the same wattage as the original vaper’s favorite unit, the Innokinetic Hurricane. The wattage is increased by turning a screw which adds extra wattage to the unit. By increasing the wattage you will get a stronger vapor production and faster heat up times. By increasing the voltage you can increase the wattage and start making lots of vapor.

One of the biggest complaints about the AEGis is that there is no temperature control. While there is a built in temperature control, the instructions are a bit vague as to what the best way to use it is. Most of the time the aegis user has to manually adjust the temp with the airflow controls, and this can take away from the overall vapor producing experience.

If you would like to have a complete temperature and vapor control system with your AEGIS then the paper recommends the use of a temperature range pod. With the GeekVape AEGIS Boost Kit there is a temperature range pod included with the kit that has 5 coils each. These coils are specifically made to work with the AEGIS Boost Kit. By using these coils you can get an accurate and full blend of vapor and get a great tasting vapor every time.